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Drum tuition ~ all ages ~ all stages ~ all styles.
About Lance & what he can teach you.

Beginners ~ Drum for Fun.

Have you sat behind a drum kit, tested the bass drum pedal, played with the hi-hat, tinkled the ride or tried the snare drum then thought "now what?"

Lance can help you find your way round a drum kit, show you how to get your feet, hands and brain coordinated, the best way to hold sticks and brushes and loads more.

If a beginner drummer, he'll teach you basic rhythms and techniques and tips for getting the most out of drumming, above all, having fun learning and playing.

He is always happy to advise if you are planning to buy a kit.

Drums are the pulse and powerhouse of most bands, like all new skills, it can be a bit daunting at first but Lance is here to guide you into the exciting world of drumming.

Rates for 2018

£ 25 per hr
£15 per 1/2 hr



Beginners ~ Drum for Fun